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Filing Saucer - Paperclip Dispenser

Filing Saucer - Paperclip Dispenser

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Don't let your paper clips get lost in the black hole of your desk drawer. FILING SAUCER magnetically "abducts" the cow-shaped clips so they're ready to organize all your classified documents. The glowing neon acrylic base looks out of this world on any desk. FILING SAUCER includes 20 cow clips and measures 3.5" x 4.5".

Material plastic
Width 3.53 inch
Length 3.53 inch
Height 4.71 inch
Designed By Dan Savoie-FRED Studio
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Customer Reviews

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John Smith
Out of stock, yet took my expedited shipping payment

I planned to meet up with a friend and give this to them as a present. I was worried that it wouldn’t come in time, so I paid for expedited shipping. Not only did it not come in time, the product itself was apparently out of stock and not listed as such on the website. I got it about a month later, and instead of being refunded my expedited shipping, I was given a coupon for the store. But after this experience, I have no interest in buying from the store again to use the coupon.

The product itself seems fine.